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Technology risks threaten assets and processes vital to your business and may prevent compliance with regulations, impact profitability, and damage your company’s reputation in the marketplace.  It is important to have the necessary tools to fight against these risks.  In WesCom we offer a simple and easy solution for your business, WesCom Backup Cloud.  Protect all your data and all your devices from mobile phones to exchange servers.  Our cloud backup includes Anomaly Detection that alerts you when the number of “new” or “changed” files dramatically changes from established benchmark levels.  This feature provides an important warning system  to quickly isolate a ransomware and allow you to recover your data.

Benefits of Cloud Backup:

  • Supports regulatory compliance
    1. HIPAA
    2. FIPS
    3. FINRA
    4. SOX
    5. GLBA
    6. CJIS
  • Reliable, simple and secure
  • Allows access from anywhere
  • Operates Automatically
  • Triple Layer Encryption
  • Anomaly Detection feature
  • Multi-Factor Authentication