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WesCom Inc. est. 1992

Our mission is to offer innovative products that bring easy and effective solutions to any business.  Our company headquarters are in Puerto Rico and we specialize on computer software and mobile apps.  As part of our commitment we have developed pharmaceutical software, point of sale system (POS), inventory control and mobile applications.

Our first development as a company was our pharmaceutical software, FarmaTech. This software brought an easy yet highly efficient solution to many pharmacies in Puerto Rico.  After developing FarmaTech, we saw the opportunity of creating a point of sales system that interacted with FarmaTech and thus SalesTech was born. It became one of Puerto Rico’s leading brand in the POS world and thanks to its versatility, it grew up to serve and work for any type of business.In 2003, we decided to expand our horizons and started to export our brand to the United States offering our quality service which distinguished us from other companies.


Through the years, our mission has never changed and as technology advances so have we. This has led us to be a successful, innovative company at the disposal of our clients.

Why choose us

  • Oriented Innovation with futuristic thinking.
  • Industry experience of more than 25 years.
  • Reliable and cost effective solutions.
  • 24/7 Technical support.