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Ready to improve your customer’s checkout experience while increasing your business revenue?  If the answer is yes, SalesTech POS mobile is right for you!  Charge your customers in-store and on the go.  Our POS is ideal for all kind of shops and businesses. Mobility is the future of many businesses.  Give your customers the flexibility they deserve, make the move and go mobile now!

SalesTech Mobile also natively interacts with FarmaTech, Smart Pickup, E-Signature App and all of our other software.

Fact: 80% of businesses who have implemented a mobile checkout system say it has increased sales. So what is keeping you?


Pos Mobile Benefits:

  • Mobile checkout, inventory lookup and reporting available at your fingertips
  • Always ready to sell from wherever you are.
  • Send receipts by email, text or print them out.
  • Fast, secure and reliable transactions.
  • Wi-fi or Wi-fi + 4G LTE if you’ve got data plan.
  • Improves sales and customer satisfaction.